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Version 2.0 of Windows 96
Version 2.0 of Windows 96

Windows 96 is a Web OS that emulates the Windows 9x user interface. The site was created by ctrlz and Dan, and was inspired by Ubuntu Online tour,, and some other web desktops.

The idea of Windows 96 was conceptualized as a web Windows XP clone in 2017, but the project was abandoned a few weeks later. The project was to be named Windows EXP (creative, right?) and was meant to be a parody OS filled with memes and jokes.

Whilst Windows 96 is still somewhat considered a parody OS by its developers, there is also a massive push towards actual usability and utility. The site is potentially useful for devices which are confined to a browser for external content (e.g. chromebooks).

In some respects, Windows 96 is also a website designed to show off what modern browsers are capable of doing. The idea that an entire OS can be contained in a web page is pretty crazy.

Version History

Below is a list of all major Windows 96 versions.


Windows 96 receives many updates in general.

Major updates are labelled as "service packs", minor updates are labelled as "patches", and if enough patches/major updates are applied, the OS version number bumps up.


Windows 96 has had several hugs as of now. A hug is when an influx of users visit your site (aka an unintentional DDoS).

HackerNews Hug (Jul 2021):

PCGamer Hug (Aug 2021):


The predecessor of Windows 96 was planned to use a Windows XP user interface.

There is a default wallpaper rotation after the release of each major update.

Dan isn't actively working on Windows 96 anymore since mid 2019, but he still composes music and gives ideas for the project.